Birthdays, Prize-winners and Christmas Gift Idea Special Deals! :-)

So folks, I’ve a few things to chat about today!

Firstly, thank you so much for all the very kind birthday wishes, cards and gifts you sent my way for my birthday last week. It really was great to be home and not on tour (for the first time in eight years!!), but reading your comments and cards on the day still meant I had that connection to you all - which is so very important to me.

Secondly, as many of you know, it’s a certain wee Boston Terrier’s second birthday today! Yes, Larry Kelly has reached the ripe old age of two – and is acting even more of a diva on his birthday than usual!!!

We finally got to choose the two winners of the framed signed “outtake” photos from the photo shoot. I wrote all the name of those who had purchased a calendar so far and put them in a hat and had Larry grab two names. After slobbering around for a while (I so wish I’d videoed the process!) he came up with two pieces of paper! I’m happy to announce that the two winners are...... Alice Spring and Sheila Harting!!! So, congratulations to you both. I’ll be sending the signed prints out this week. Thank you also to all of you who took part in the competition…… which brings me on to the second part of this message! :-)

In seeing the response to the competition, it seemed totally unfair to me that I only had two winners, so – I’m going to run one more competition for anyone who would like to be in with a chance of getting a personalized signed “out-take” print from the photo shoot of Larry and myself – and this time I’ll extend it to FIVE WINNERS  - with every order giving you a chance to win!
Oh, and, most importantly, because it’s Larry’s birthday, and we thought people may like to give the calendars as present coming up to the Holidays, WE'D LIKE TO GIVE EVERYONE WHO ORDERS TWO CALENDARS A THIRD ONE FREE!!! So, just order two calendars, stipulate who you’d like Larry and I to sign them to (if you’d like them personalised for you or as a gift to someone else) and we’ll throw in a third one as a gift from us! (also let us know who you’d like the third one signed for!). Don’t worry, if you just would like to order one, that’s still totally fine and your name will be in the draw for the signed “out-take” print as well!

We’ll make the closing date for the competition for the signed prints one month from today (14th December) to give us a chance to sign them and get them out to you before Christmas!!! Good luck!! 

The link to find the calendars is right here :
Larry Calendars
So, I better get back to Larry’s birthday party – thanks so much for everything as always folks – your support means the absolute world to me. Lots of love from us both…. :-)
RK xx