A few words of reflection, eight days on...... RK x  

Well, it’s been over a week since I lost my father and it’s been a time of sorrow, of longing for him to return and asking why he was taken from us, but also a time of reflection, of reminiscing, and giving thanks to have had such a driving and influential force in our lives as he was. 
Time will hopefully make his passing easier to accept, but, for now, I take great strength in thinking about all the little things that made him the most loving, genuine and special man I will ever know. 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent flowers, cards, mass bouquets, and posted messages of support and prayers during the past number of days. I have made my family aware of every single one sent to me and we have taken great solace from so many acts of kindness shown towards us. 
As I sit tonight, I think about the days ahead – returning on tour with Byrne and Kelly next week and then with Celtic Thunder later in the year, as hard as it will be leaving home this time around, I am filled with pride, knowing that my Dad will be there with me on every stage, singing along with every song and shaking his head at every bum note or wrong word I sing. J 
Music was one of my father’s greatest loves – and he’s the reason I have that same love and I know he took great pleasure in following my musical journey through me, and I believe he will continue to guide me on whatever path I’m meant to follow. 
I will dedicate these forthcoming shows to my Dad’s memory, to all the nights we played together in our front room, to all the times he made me work a little bit harder to be a little bit better – just to make him proud. Now every day – for the rest of my life – I will try to make him proud…. 
To Sean Kelly…….my father, my mentor, my hero…… 
RK xx