New Year's Eve(n better!!! ?)

As the time ticks down to midnight, I thought I’d drop you all a line to, first of all, wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2018 and thank you for all the support in 2017! 

It was great to get back home just before Christmas and find time to breathe and reflect on what was a pretty crazy busy – but brilliant – year both on the road and in the studios. ? 

The Celtic Thunder schedule was certainly a busy one over the year, but I must say – I think it’s probably my most enjoyable in the ten years we’ve been together! A brilliant symphony tour performing around the US alongside amazing orchestras, another trip on the “floating Irish pub” around the Caribbean, recording and releasing an “Inspirational” album of some of our favourite spiritual songs were all diverse and rewarding projects. However, I think the preparation, recording and filming of our “Ten Year Anniversary Show” was the highlight. 26 new songs, coupled with all the nostalgia of what has been a life changing decade, culminated in a fantastic night filming the show in the Helix Theatre, Dublin in October – the place where it all began ten years’ previous! 

After releasing the album “Echoes” with Neil in 2016, I didn’t expect 2017 to be an even better year for “Byrne and Kelly” – but that’s what happened! The reaction to our film documentary, “Echoes – The Story,” was something we both took great pride in – with recognition from various film festivals and industry organisations, but, more importantly, the personal stories of how the film has meant a lot to people is one of the most gratifying things a songwriter can hear. 

On a very personal level, the donations I was able to make on your behalf to the Macmillan Cancer Society in relation to the sale of the Larry Kelly calendars over the year was something which made me very happy. To know that my late father’s memory is being used to help a charity which helped him immensely in the final weeks of his life via calendars of a wee dog he loved is something I treasure. Again, the 2018 calendars are helping to keep this connection strong and I’m so thankful for that. 2018 LK Calendar

I also finally succumb to your requests and launched the “Ryan Kelly Official Fan Club” at the end of the year!! The reaction has been great and I look forward to sharing some unique (and probably sometimes questionable!! ;-) ) exerts from my life at home and on the road over 2018. For those who haven’t received their Fan Club packs yet, don’t worry, I’m signing and sending them out day by day and I promise they’ll be with you very soon!! ? Ryan Kelly Official Fan Club

So, before you all start opening the bottles of expensive champagne to bring in the New Year, I guess I just want to once more thank you for all the support and love over the year. Here’s to a big year to come in 2018, but, for tonight, I’m stepping back to be thankful for the people in my life – and everything you lot give back to me. It’s why I do this job! 

Love always and Happy New Year!!! 

RK xx