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Birthdays, Prize-winners and Christmas Gift Idea Special Deals! :-) 

So folks, I’ve a few things to chat about today!

Firstly, thank you so much for all the very kind birthday wishes, cards and gifts you sent my way for my birthday last week. It really was great to be home and not on tour (for the first time in eight years!!), but reading your comments and cards on the day still meant I had that connection to you all - which is so very important to me.

Secondly, as many of you know, it’s a certain wee Boston Terrier’s second birthday today! Yes, Larry Kelly has reached the ripe old age of two – and is acting even more of a diva on his birthday than usual!!!

We finally got to choose the two winners of the framed signed “outtake” photos from the photo shoot. I wrote all the name of those who had purchased a calendar so far and put them in a hat and had Larry grab two names. After slobbering around for a while (I so wish I’d videoed the process!) he came up with two pieces of paper! I’m happy to announce that the two winners are...... Alice Spring and Sheila Harting!!! So, congratulations to you both. I’ll be sending the signed prints out this week. Thank you also to all of you who took part in the competition…… which brings me on to the second part of this message! :-)

In seeing the response to the competition, it seemed totally unfair to me that I only had two winners, so – I’m going to run one more competition for anyone who would like to be in with a chance of getting a personalized signed “out-take” print from the photo shoot of Larry and myself – and this time I’ll extend it to FIVE WINNERS  - with every order giving you a chance to win!
Oh, and, most importantly, because it’s Larry’s birthday, and we thought people may like to give the calendars as present coming up to the Holidays, WE'D LIKE TO GIVE EVERYONE WHO ORDERS TWO CALENDARS A THIRD ONE FREE!!! So, just order two calendars, stipulate who you’d like Larry and I to sign them to (if you’d like them personalised for you or as a gift to someone else) and we’ll throw in a third one as a gift from us! (also let us know who you’d like the third one signed for!). Don’t worry, if you just would like to order one, that’s still totally fine and your name will be in the draw for the signed “out-take” print as well!

We’ll make the closing date for the competition for the signed prints one month from today (14th December) to give us a chance to sign them and get them out to you before Christmas!!! Good luck!! 

The link to find the calendars is right here :
Larry Calendars
So, I better get back to Larry’s birthday party – thanks so much for everything as always folks – your support means the absolute world to me. Lots of love from us both…. :-)
RK xx


A Special Prize To Say "Thank You" From Both Of Us... :-) 

Hey again folks! 

So I thought I’d drop you a quick line just to say thank you so much for your amazing response to Larry’s exclusive 16-month calendar! Reading your comments about how much you love seeing his wee face on your wall and seeing your photos of where you’ve been posting them and even shots of your own pets staring at it thinking, “who’s this guy?!?! “ has been brilliant!!  :-)

Anyway, the response has got me thinking about running a competition! I have a special photo of Larry and myself that I kept especially (which is not in the calendar), to give as a prize to whomever’s name I/or Larry(!!) pulls out of a hat. For every calendar you buy, I’ll write your name down to go into the hat. So two calendars = two chances to win etc… Don’t worry, the existing purchases will also be included!!

So, every calendar ordered now will be personalized by me to you and your name will go into the draw to receive one of two framed, personalized, signed photos – a photo no one else will have!! – which I will send (and get Larry to sign if you wish!) on my return home from tour.

All orders up to and including the final date of our current Byrne and Kelly tour (finishing up in Australia on the 25th October) will be included!!

Good luck and thanks so much again for all the support!! I know the real star in my house is very satisfied (and probably not so humbled!!) by your kind words and his new found fame!!! :-)

Oh, you can order your calendar by clicking right here 

Take care,
RK xx

A Mother's Day Present.... :-) 

Hey everyone out there!! Getting ready to get on a plane to leave North America after both tours with Celtic Thunder and Lesley Pike have come to an end - and I must say I've loved every minute of them, but can't wait to get home and see my family - and, of course, Larry!! Now, I'm heading back home to get right back into writing for Byrne and Kelly's new album with Neil and also preparing for two extensive tours this summer! 
However, first of all, I thought I'd like to mark this Mother's Day with a special song that I recently heard and loved from Garth Brooks. The sentiment of an unborn child talking to God about his/her anxiety about going into the big bad world, but God reassuring that he/she is getting ready to meet the most amazing person they'll ever know on the Earth - their mother - is something that just got to my heart. On a personal level, my mother is the most amazing woman I've ever met and I dedicate this song to her and to all you mothers out there - you are our rocks, you mean the world to us.... 

Thanks for listening folks and chat to you soon...

Love, RK xx

It's been a while since I checked in - and posted a video!! :-) 

Hey folks! 

Hope you are all well! Just a quick note here from Abbotsford, British Columbia as this "Very Best Of Celtic Thunder" tour keeps rolling on now into Canada after what has been a brilliant few weeks so far already! Getting to sing the "old favourite" songs from the bygone years of CT again has been really brilliant. As have the audience reactions to them! It's like we've turned full circle from those days back on the first tours in 2008 when I was coming on stage a complete novice, not believing this whole thing was a reality! Here I am, seven years later, much older and decrepit-looking, but actually loving it more than ever before!! Long may that continue!! :-)

And talking of loving the music, I've been spending the last while working with Neil, Nicole and Peter writing a lot of original songs for a new "Byrne and Kelly" album which is really taking shape! We're all loving the process and the sounds and images that are flowing from the writing sessions and can't wait to get them out there for you to hear!!! 

In the meantime, we're hoping to debut some of these brand new tracks at our Stageit online live concert in April - which I believe is close to selling out!! (details here : and we're putting together the finishing touches of our tour schedule for Summer/Autumn 2015 - so there's a lot of exciting times ahead!! 

Of course, I also am looking forward to squeezing in a bit of time at home in between to see my wee best friend Larry, who's fan base and popularity exceeds mine by more and more every day - which I can totally understand and, in fact, agree with as well! :-) Just on that note though, I want to take this time to say thank you once more for all your generosity to me - through your kind messages, cards, gifts or taking the time to read my nonsense, listen to my music, or log on to one of my pages. It truly makes me feel very humbled and honoured to be lucky enough to do what I do.

And so, I thought, I'd post this video for you. I sang this song on a recent web chat and a lot of you requested a version of it. Yes, the language may be a little strong, but I feel this song from Damien Rice just speaks volumes and reminds me why I love his style of song-writing - honest, real and true. It's what I try to do in my own performances and writing. And aspire to get better and better at that. 

Thanks for reading and sharing my music, thanks for your support and kindness. You make life good... :-)

Love always, 
RK xx

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