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26 January, 2022

Folks I'm delighted to announce the new RKFC has just launched!  It's been a labour of love getting this set up and should make for a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all of us.  

Here is the link to join and get logged in: ALL NEW RKFC 

Can't wait to see you there!! 


RK xx

RKFC Emails 

Hi Folks, if you've received an RKFC email saying your payment hasn't gone through please disregard, I believe it's a glitch and I've escalated to the website folks to look into and resolve.  Apologies for any confusion!  RKxx


Hello folks, it has been brought to my attention that there are more fake accounts circulating out there on social media pretending to be me & asking for money. 

Folks please note that I will never ask anyone to send me money for anything.  I only ever use my Official Online Shop and my Official Website and the links therein. 

My social media account links are also listed here on my site and are the only ones I use.  Please continue to block and report any fake profiles and please don't send anyone claiming to be me any money. 

RK x



Hello Folks, 

Many of you have sent in emails with merch ideas and we are delighted to have put together a collection of really fun new goodies in the shop for you just in time for Christmas! 

We've included greeting card bundles for pretty much every occasion - here's a sneak peek: 

There's also a bookmark bundle, magnets, prints, as well as the last few of the LK notebooks.   All great stocking stuffers for the dog lovers on your list. 

Tis the season for greetings, so have a look through the shop and perhaps some of your friends and family will wind up with A Very Larry Christmas card ;-) 

ALSO - the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale ends TONIGHT at 11:59 EST, so now's a great time to stock up while you can get 25% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP when you put the code BLACKFRIDAY into the promo code box at checkout. 


RK xx 


A new page and a new song! ? 

So, after a few days writing with the Byrne and Kelly gang, I’m back working on a few things for the fan club on here! 

You may notice that the “Members Only” section of the website here is now password protected for Ryan Kelly Official Fan Club members from today. (Click here for the Fan Club Section)

For those of you who have joined the Fan Club but haven’t received your membership pack from me with your password details, just drop me a message to and I’ll email your details back to you. For those who wish to join the club, all the details can be found right here : Fan Club Membership Details 

To mark the first day of the new fan club section, I'm excited to share a recording of a cover of one of my favourite songs; Damien Rice’s “The Greatest Bastard.” It’s there for all fan club members to download – just click on the “Free” button and it’s yours! Hope you enjoy it!! This is the only place you can get it! ?

Ok, now I’m back to work getting things ready for heading back on tour with Neil next week! Kansas City and Houston are our first stops before heading “down under” to Australia! I can’t wait!! Come see us if you can! All the details are here : Byrne and Kelly Tour Details

As always, thanks so much for all your support. I’ve taken great pleasure in signing and sending out all the Fan Club packs and Larry Kelly calendars over the last few weeks – only I’m not sure the lady in the Post Office here in my village is as happy seeing me come through the door with so many packages for her to send all over the world! 

Love always, 

RK xx

New Year's Eve(n better!!! ?) 

As the time ticks down to midnight, I thought I’d drop you all a line to, first of all, wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2018 and thank you for all the support in 2017! 

It was great to get back home just before Christmas and find time to breathe and reflect on what was a pretty crazy busy – but brilliant – year both on the road and in the studios. ? 

The Celtic Thunder schedule was certainly a busy one over the year, but I must say – I think it’s probably my most enjoyable in the ten years we’ve been together! A brilliant symphony tour performing around the US alongside amazing orchestras, another trip on the “floating Irish pub” around the Caribbean, recording and releasing an “Inspirational” album of some of our favourite spiritual songs were all diverse and rewarding projects. However, I think the preparation, recording and filming of our “Ten Year Anniversary Show” was the highlight. 26 new songs, coupled with all the nostalgia of what has been a life changing decade, culminated in a fantastic night filming the show in the Helix Theatre, Dublin in October – the place where it all began ten years’ previous! 

After releasing the album “Echoes” with Neil in 2016, I didn’t expect 2017 to be an even better year for “Byrne and Kelly” – but that’s what happened! The reaction to our film documentary, “Echoes – The Story,” was something we both took great pride in – with recognition from various film festivals and industry organisations, but, more importantly, the personal stories of how the film has meant a lot to people is one of the most gratifying things a songwriter can hear. 

On a very personal level, the donations I was able to make on your behalf to the Macmillan Cancer Society in relation to the sale of the Larry Kelly calendars over the year was something which made me very happy. To know that my late father’s memory is being used to help a charity which helped him immensely in the final weeks of his life via calendars of a wee dog he loved is something I treasure. Again, the 2018 calendars are helping to keep this connection strong and I’m so thankful for that. 2018 LK Calendar

I also finally succumb to your requests and launched the “Ryan Kelly Official Fan Club” at the end of the year!! The reaction has been great and I look forward to sharing some unique (and probably sometimes questionable!! ;-) ) exerts from my life at home and on the road over 2018. For those who haven’t received their Fan Club packs yet, don’t worry, I’m signing and sending them out day by day and I promise they’ll be with you very soon!! ? Ryan Kelly Official Fan Club

So, before you all start opening the bottles of expensive champagne to bring in the New Year, I guess I just want to once more thank you for all the support and love over the year. Here’s to a big year to come in 2018, but, for tonight, I’m stepping back to be thankful for the people in my life – and everything you lot give back to me. It’s why I do this job! 

Love always and Happy New Year!!! 

RK xx


Giving Something Back......  

I was absolutely delighted, (alongside my mum and Larry of course!) to hand over a cheque for £1,678 to Daphne from Macmillan Cancer Support from the sales of the Larry Kelly Calendar 2017. This fantastic amount came from your generosity in supporting the calendar of my wee pal in the past few months and is especially poignant for us as a family as we see it as a tribute to my late father and how much love he had for the nursing staff who cared for him in his final days, almost a year ago. 

Thank you so much again for your kindness in helping me make this contribution on your behalf. It will assist a lot of very deserving people and their families as they battle through some very difficult days. 

If anyone would still like to get a calendar (and therefore donate to the Macmillan Cancer Support group) you can still do so here : RK Music Online Store and I will forward the remaining monies on in the coming days! 


Again, thank you as always for all the support for my music and for your prayers for me and my family. It means the world.... ❤️❤️




RK xx 

A few words of reflection, eight days on...... RK x   

Well, it’s been over a week since I lost my father and it’s been a time of sorrow, of longing for him to return and asking why he was taken from us, but also a time of reflection, of reminiscing, and giving thanks to have had such a driving and influential force in our lives as he was. 
Time will hopefully make his passing easier to accept, but, for now, I take great strength in thinking about all the little things that made him the most loving, genuine and special man I will ever know. 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has sent flowers, cards, mass bouquets, and posted messages of support and prayers during the past number of days. I have made my family aware of every single one sent to me and we have taken great solace from so many acts of kindness shown towards us. 
As I sit tonight, I think about the days ahead – returning on tour with Byrne and Kelly next week and then with Celtic Thunder later in the year, as hard as it will be leaving home this time around, I am filled with pride, knowing that my Dad will be there with me on every stage, singing along with every song and shaking his head at every bum note or wrong word I sing. J 
Music was one of my father’s greatest loves – and he’s the reason I have that same love and I know he took great pleasure in following my musical journey through me, and I believe he will continue to guide me on whatever path I’m meant to follow. 
I will dedicate these forthcoming shows to my Dad’s memory, to all the nights we played together in our front room, to all the times he made me work a little bit harder to be a little bit better – just to make him proud. Now every day – for the rest of my life – I will try to make him proud…. 
To Sean Kelly…….my father, my mentor, my hero…… 
RK xx

Listening to the "Echoes, " back on the road and competition winners!  

Hey folks! 
Just thought I’d drop in after what has been a pretty mind-blowing few days! As a lot of you will know, Friday 19th February was a date Neil and myself have been apprehensively waiting for – the day we finally got to share our new album “Echoes” with the world!! 

We’d been writing the album for over a year and have loved how it has taken shape, but there’s still always an element of fear in having worked so closely at something and not being totally sure how it’s going to be received. 
Well, I don’t think we could be any more pleased with the reactions and review we have received from you! It means so much to read how the different songs on the album have touched people in different ways – I think personally it’s all a songwriter can ask for! 
The album can be downloaded digitally from iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby and Google Play! You can also pre-order the physical copy on Amazon and cdbaby which is set for release on March 4th! 
"Echoes" on Amazon
"Echoes" on

I think it has certainly also made me more excited about our upcoming “album launch” tour where Neil and myself (accompanied by Peter Sheridan) will be playing through all the songs on the album live and sharing a lot of the stories and inspirations that went into writing the songs. There are a limited number of tickets left for these shows and all the details can be found here : Byrne and Kelly album launch tour 

We also have just announced our summer tour, travelling across Canada and finishing off with a few shows in the West coast of the US. Again, details of venues and tickets can also be found here : "Byrne and Kelly" Summer Tour

However, before the “Byrne and Kelly” shows get started, I’m going to be back over in the US from next week to travel around the country appearing on quite a few PBS stations to launch the new Celtic Thunder “Legacy” show and tour! I’m really excited about the new show – I’ve only seen clips of it so far, but I’ve been told it looks and sounds fantastic, with a big tour in the US and Canada planned for the Fall! 

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that Larry selected two winners from all those who purchased items from my online store last month to win exclusive large prints, which we’ve both signed below. Congratulations to Sally Baugh and Jill Sanders – the prints are on their way to you as we speak!! Thanks again to everyone who has purchased anything from the store. I have both my albums, which I’ll happily sign and personalize and there are still some calendars left if anyone would like to look at Larry for the rest of the year!! :-) Link to RK Music online store
Thanks again for all your support in everything folks. As always, I’m forever indebted to you all. 
With love, 
RK xx

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